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Capitol Campaign 

The Capital Campaign listed below is a summary as of January 2022. As our vision continues to grow and the timing of beginning each project will be adjusted.  The phases that are listed below are based upon several factors: current needs, ease of completion, the extent of the work required, and the financing 


 IMPORTANT NOTE:  In the fall of  2020 the guidance came through for creating a  Caretaker Community as being vitally important for the success of Natures Gate. It is an important goal for 2022  to determine the type of housing and facilities needed and then prioritize that into this Capital Campaign.

Phase 1
1) Property survey (as required for legal compliance TBD) I sent out an RFP to surveyors 4 years ago and selected a local company, but will need to update pricing.

2) Poles and platform for Ceremonial Tipi ( The new canvas has been procured and new poles are required to replace the ones that broke during the winter of 2020.) Plans are to source from the property as with the previous Tipi. Platform needed because of  its new location by the stream.

3) Tiny House relocation to Stream Campground area  ~* feasibility and budgeting of off-grid utilities verses trenching to connect to existing electrical and water. 
* existing Tiny House is leasing land from NG and connected to the existing utilities at the property.

4) Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion ~ adjacent to Small Campground area

5} Main House Additions and renovations ~ addition for Master Teaching Suite, expansion of sleeping accommodations,  expanded bedroom addition to the second floor, Greenhouse  addition at the side of garage, landscaping 

6) Temple for Durga Ma,  build a bridge over the stream by holding pond ( see*13 Parking) , create new trails to by-pass driving through the temple area. 

7) Reconstruction of Existing Barn for New Program Center  ~  design and engineering~ will include commercial Kitchen, Dining wing,  Art  / Classroom Wing, Second-floor apartment.  

8) Renovation to Bohemian Bungalow - overflow retreat housing

9) upgrade existing bungalow to include a composting toilet in the adjacent Pole Barn, Plywood paneling, and solar panel for off-grid power supply.

10) Platform and Geodesic Dome over the existing Medicine Wheel ~ lower sanctuary area 

11) Wood Platforms and Tents for camping

12) Milk House Restoration ~ replace existing cement foundation walls, replace siding with reclaimed barn siding, new structural studs and roof structure. Reuse existing slate roof. 

13) Parking area located  adjacent to the  Large Campground ~ will require clearing of some trees and is dependent upon the creation of a bridge over the stream that crosses the pathway to the "Lower 40 trails"

14) Land Maintenance and improvements include:

15) Tree Pruning, Stream restoration, dredging of holding pond

16) Driveway restoration

Phase 2 
1) Pallas Athena Sanctuary ~  centrally located in the East on a hill behind the apple orchard  - inspired by the ancient Temple and Sanctuary at Delphi, Greece. to honor the Goddess, Pallas Athena Grecian columns with a domed roof and "celestial freedom banner" custom painted on the interior of dome ceiling. Ceremonial altar enhancement to the south of the gazebo.  ( the original design was for a simple Grecian gazebo, but that has now expanded into a larger outdoor Sanctuary center resurrecting the Oracles at Delphi and focused on Divine Governance.)

2) Cabin Construction including Shower and Toilet facilities ~ at edge of woods in the back lawn behind the Main House

3) Pond Creation in the wetland area adjacent to the Stream Campground

Phase 3
1) Divine Union Octagon Building ~ to be located at the back of the "lower 40" trail s.  Wood cabin with sleeping wing,  composting toilet,  wash area, wood stove

2) Ceremonial Site for Flags of All Nations  / Nivriti Housing TBD

3) Health and Wellness Spa  ~ The existing Pole Barn site will become the Center for Wellness feature world-class healing at affordable prices.

4) Equipment Garage  ~ the existing Pole Barn will be taken down and rebuilt adjacent to the Main House Garage

5) Stupa ~ Dedicated to the Mother of All Beings located at the top of the  North East trail where the current Inipi lodge is located.

6) One World Ashram ~ dedicated to the path and teachings of Enlightenment incorporating all faiths ~ teachings and practices given through the Masters / Avatars for our New Times. This Ashram would be located at the back of the former "wood lot" beyond the stone wall separating the lower 40 trails from the wood lot. 

​​​Land and Building Maintenance overview

Ongoing Land Maintenance will be required and budgeted services include the following to assure these funds are set aside to be used yearly

Farm equipment. 

Current need is to acquire a new lawn tractor

Future needs may include a tractor with plow / attachments.

Forestry management tools (chain saw, tree pruning implements, etc.)

Join the Team, Live the Dream


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