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Master Plan ~ Capitol Campaign

This is an exciting time for Nature's Gate as we are in the process of "dreaming" our organizational non profit structure and setting up our Land Trust.  While the Visioning for the Master Plan continues to expand, we are preparing to launch our Capitol Campaign, form the Board of Directors and establish  the governance for the protection of the land and the development of programming here.  The renaming of Nature's Gate to " The Sanctuary at Natures Gate".more aptly describes the quality of the Sacred Land that is reclaiming itself. The land sparkles with amazing light and provides a very special quality of feeling "at Home". Protected, safe, nurturing and inspiring. Many portals have opened over the past 5 years and amazing ceremonial spaces invite people into the womb of The Mother  to raise your Spirit to new heights. The deeper we go, the higher we fly!

Funding Goals listed below have been derived from the visionary work from our Spiritual Director and Land Steward, Elandara since she acquired Natures Gate in 2015. The funding estimates are only approximations of the total cost of the projects and given in order to establish an overall picture of the Master Plan for our Capitol Campaign. 


Capitol Campaign ~ descriptions and estimates

Phase 1

Upfront costs 

professional fees for legal and financial consultants, applications and miscellaneous for the 508C-1a  and written documents for the Organizational structure ~ Non Profit status


Driveway restoration

Land Survey

both border and topographical survey 



Composting Toilets for campground spaces and Work Camp 



Geodesic Dome on platform for Sanctuary Area / Medicine Wheel


Outdoor Cooking Pavilion  ~ adjacent to the meandering stream~ 


Bridge / Culvert  at the holding pond stream providing vehicle access to the lower 40 trails and facilities.



Milk House Restoration ~ replace existing cement foundation walls, replace siding with reclaimed barn siding, new structural studs and roof structure. Reuse existing slate roof. 


Greenhouse lean to aded to the side of the garage, approx 10 x 18


Phase 2

Main House Addition and Renovations

450 square foot Master Suite addition on the north side of the main house to include full bath, separate outside entrance with patio, roof tope balcony, renovations to existing house interiors to include an office space / counseling room, handicap accessible full bath, shower and steam room.


Barn Renovation - Program and Performance Center 

The existing barn will be redesigned and renovated into a 2 story structure for Program facilities. Open program rooms for classes, events, performances, a creative arts workshop space for children and adults, kitchen facilities, indoor dining with outdoor deck. storage and toilet facilities, apartment space on second floor .

$ 1.5 mIl

Caretakers Community  ~ housing to accommodate Caretaker Community housing


Temple for Durga Ma



Phase 3

Pallas Athena Memorial Temple*

* expanded design currently in the conception stage ~ this will reflect the ancient sanctuary of Pallas Athena at Delphi, Greece and will be a place for the coming together of leadership and divine god government.

located  centrally at the "Eastern Gate" on the hill behind the apple orchard  -  Open sanctuary with domed roof "celestial freedom banner" custom painted on interior of dome ceiling.


Health and Wellness Spa  ~  The existing Pole Barn site will become the Center for Wellness feature world class healing at affordable prices.

Stupa ~ Dedicated to the Mother of All Beings

Ashram ~ dedicated to the path and teachings of Enlightenment incorporating all faiths ~ teachings and practices given through the Masters / Avatars for our New Times.

Roadways for access to temple sites, housing, and,  Divine Union Octagon Building,  One World Ashram

Forest Octagon Building ~ dedicated to Lord Saint Germaine located in the "lower 40 acres" and designed for group gatherings and programs.

 Structure will be a wooden post and beam construction and will incorporate off grid water and heating and electrical( solar) systems 


Driveway new and existing 

$ tbd


Health and Wellness Spa  

The existing Pole Barn site will become the Center for Wellness feature world class healing at affordable prices.

$1.5 mil


Equipment Garage  -

reuse materials from Pole Barn  - 3 bay garage with connector to existing house garage


Ongoing  ~  Land and Building Maintenance

Immediate needs (2023 spring / summer)

new lawn tractor

hiring a skilled tree pruner to bring the apple trees back into healthy fruit production.  

($6,500 )

Wetlands and Forestry management  

Stream restoration and ongoing dredging of holding pond as needed

Pond Creation in wetland area west of existing Pole Barn

Develop a Forestry Plan consistent with the mission of Natures Gate to preserve the land

$ tbd

The goal for the design, construction and land use is to utilize regional services as much as possible, on site eco-forestry "green" practices and take advantage of off the grid renewable energy conversion and design for new construction. Creating with sustainability in mind is important to our mission of being conscious with the use of natural resources. 

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